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This is the medical unit that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of head, neck, ear, nose and throat disorders. It provides treatment and services for dyspnea, tracheotomy, ranula treatment, tongue incision repair, ligament repair, snoring and apnea treatment, tonsil and adenoid diseases, inflammatory diseases of the salivary glands, tumors, polyps and nodules of the vocal cords, voice and speech disorders. Throat diseases; inflammations of the nose and sinuses in nasal diseases, nasal congestion, allergic catarrh, odor disorders, tumors in the nose and sinus region, nasal polyp treatment, endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) nasal deformities, septum deviation surgery and sudden hearing loss in ear diseases, acute and chronic ear infections, fluid accumulation in the middle ear, dizziness, tinnitus, tumors in the ear region and deformities of the external ear canal. In order to make a diagnosis after listening to the complaints of the patients by ENT specialists, tests and analyzes are applied together with a detailed examination and endoscopic evaluation. As a result of the tests, the treatment method is determined according to the severity of the disease, and the treatment map is created.

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