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At our hospital, which has a cardiovascular surgery service, physical therapy and rehabilitation are an indispensable complement to the treatment. Similarly, joint prosthesis and arthroscopic ligament repair operations performed intensively at our hospitals are rehabilitated under the supervision of a physiotherapist before and after the surgery. Short-wave, ultrasound, cold pack, hot pack, vacuum interference tens, diadynamic currents, infrared, electrical stimulation, traction, paraffin, massage, electroplating current and instrumental exercise programs are applied by our experienced physiotherapists as a result of the examination of our physical therapist and the issue is treated and the patient's complaints are reduced as much as possible and often eliminated. Joint disorders, fractures as a result of accident and trauma and some congenital diseases all increase the importance of physical therapy and rehabilitation on a daily basis. The fully equipped FTR unit of our hospitals serves inpatients and outpatients.

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