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Marmaris Hospital
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Uz.Dr. Türker Şengül

Anesthesiology and Reanimation Specialist

Private Ortaca Yücelen Hospital


After completing my high school education in Urimiye, Iran, I completed my medical education at Tehran Martyr Beheshti University (SBU).
I did my compulsory service process in West Azerbaijan.
I started my residency and residency training in Ege University, Department of Cardiology, Izmir / Turkey by participating in the medical specialization exam (TUS).
After my training, I worked as an invasive cardiologist in Bursa Private Anadolu Hospital for 1 year. Later on, I went to Mardin Kızıltepe state hospital for compulsory service for 3 years as the only cardiologist, treated many patients as an outpatient and inpatient. I worked as a clinic, non-invasive in the center. I treated patients who required angio or invasive procedures in a private heart and arrhythmia hospital. Later, as an invasive (interventional) cardiologist in Bursa medical park hospital, I performed coronary angiography, balloon and stent, temporary pacemaker, permanent pacemaker ( I treated patients with methods such as pace maker). Later on, I worked for about 1 year in another Class A hospital, İzmir medifarma. Finally, in my job at Private Ortaca Yücelen Hospital, I provide services for clinical examination, ECG, echocardiography, effort test, blood pressure holter, rhythm holter, outpatient clinic, intensive care and service patients in line with diagnosis and tactics. And at the same time, as the assistant chief physician, I am currently helping to implement the administrative affairs.


1995 - Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine. English Medicine
2009 - Istanbul University Istanbul Faculty of Medicine Anesthesiology

Areas of Expertise

Anesthesiology and Reanimation Specialist

Worked Institutions

Marmara Medical Center of Private Esentepe Hospital
Mardin Kızıltepe
Bursa Private Anatolian Hospital
Bursa Medical Park Hospital
Izmir Medifarma Hospital

Medical Interests

Regional (Epidural, Spinal, Combined Anesthesia), Peripheral Nerve Blocks, Cardiovascular Anesthesia, Pediatric Anesthesia, Intensive Care Follow-up (Reanimation)alp failure and its types
Cardiomyopathies and specific heart muscle diseases
sudden deaths
Coronary heart diseases (non-invasive and invasive approaches)
Systemic arterial hypertension (primary and secondary)
Cardiopvimonary diseases
heart valve diseases
Pericardial diseases
Pre-operational and post-operational cardiac assessments.
Peripheral vascular diseases
cardiac infections
Cardiac tumors

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