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Uz.Dr. Yusuf Tohma

Internal Medicine (Internal Medicine) Specialist

Private Muğla Yücelen Hospital


Sp. Dr. Yusuf Tohma was born in Ankara, Turkey in 1981. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Adana.

Spec. Dr. Sp. Dr. Yusuf Tohma started his education at the Faculty of Medicine in 1999 at Faculty of Medicine Çukurova University.

He started his education of Internal Medicine Specialist in the Department of Internal Medicine of Faculty of Medicine at Gazi University. In 2014, he completed his expertise and became an Internal Medicine Specialist.

After receiving his specialty in 2014, he worked at State Hospitals and Training and Research Hospitals in Van and Muğla. During this period, he received training in healthy living, healthy nutrition, holistic medicine, functional medicine and ozone therapy. In 2022, he started working as an Internal Medicine Specialist at Muğla Private Yücelen Hospital.

He completed the Functional Medicine courses specially prepared for physicians in five different modules by the Functional Medicine Academy and passed the final exam successfully and was entitled to receive the Certificate of Achievement of the Functional Medicine Academy.

He completed the Ozone Therapy trainings organized by the Ministry of Health and was entitled to receive the Ozone Therapy certificate.

His studies in the field of appetite, appetite-related hormones and hyperthyroidism have been published in leading reputable journals in the world.

Spec. Dr.Sp. Dr. Yusuf Tohma creates difference in the management of healthy life (wellness) and chronical diseases by combining his knowledge and experience of Internal Medicine Specialty with holistic medicine, functional medicine perspective and ozone treatment methods.

In Muğla Private Yücelen Hospital he serves his patients not only in the field of Internal Medicine, but also in the fields of check-up programs, healthy living, holistic medicine, functional medicine, ozone therapy methods.


  1. Institutions: -Compulsory Service (Van Muradiye State Hospital Internal Medicine Specialist) (2014/2017) - Muğla Training and Research Hospital Internal Medicine Specialist (2017/2021) - Muğla Menteşe State Hospital Internal Medicine Specialist (2021/2022) - Muğla Private Yücelen Hospital Internal Medicine Specialist (2022)

  2. Trainings Attended: Functional Medicine, Ozone Therapy

Areas of Expertise

 Internal Medicine Specialist

2. Functional Medicine

3. Ozone Therapy

4. Healthy Diet

5. Healthy Life/Wellness

Worked Institutions

2014 State Hospitals and Training and Research Hospitals in Van and Muğla

He continues to work as an Internal Medicine Specialist in 2022 Muğla Private Yücelen Hospital.

Medical Interests

Functional Medicine, Ozone Therapy, Healthy Eating, Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid Diseases, Anemia, Gastrointestinal Diseases, Cardiovascular Diseases, Respiratory Diseases, Rheumatic Diseases, Infectious Diseases, Geriatric Diseases


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