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Op.Dr. Ahmet Kılıç

Thoracic Surgery Specialist

Private Muğla Yücelen Hospital


He was born in Aydın on 30.09.1967 and completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Aydın. He graduated from Aydın Anatolian High School. He studied at Uludağ University, Faculty of Medicine in 1984. He graduated in 1990. and he started his specialization training in Akdeniz University, Faculty of Medicine Thoracic Surgery in 1992. Here, he received separate expertise in thoracic surgery and peripheral vascular surgery. He started working as a specialist in Antalya Training and Research Hospital in 1998. In 2009, he continued his duty as a specialist at Aydın Atatürk State Hospital. He has been working at Yücelen Muğla Hospital since 2019.


1998 - Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine (Specialization) 

Areas of Expertise

  • COPD balloon therapy

  • Bronchoscopic interventions, treatment of COPD, stenting, opening of bronchial obstruction

  • VATS lobectomy in lung cancer

  • Surgical treatments for esophageal (oesophageal) cancers

  • Plerectomy, decortication, wedge resection operations with VATS (closed chest operations)

  • Transaxillary operations in thoracic outlet syndromes

  • Thymectomy mediastinal mass excisions with VATS

  • Thoracic deformities operation nuss procedure with VATS

Worked Institutions

  • 2001 Vats operations training Nice France

  • 2009 Cardiothoracic clinic Florida USA

  • 2010 VATS course Geneva Switzerland

  • 2010 Bronchoscopic interventions training Fort Laurdale USA

  • 2011 Cardiothoracic surgery course Lisbon Portugal

  • 2012 New initiatives in thoracic surgery Barcelona Spain

  • 2013 Cardiothoracic Clinic Vienna University Austria

  • 2014 Thorax deformities course Amsterdam Netherlands

  • 2015 Esophageal surgery The Hague Netherlands

  • 2016 Interventional treatments in COPD Madrid Spain

  • 2015 COPD balloon treatments Slovenia

  • 2014 Thoracic surgery workshop Milan Italy

  • 2016 Vats course Naples Italy

  • 2013 Bronchoscopic interventions course Duesseldorf Germany

Medical Interests

BALLOON THERAPY IN COPD, Videothoracoscopic Interventions (VATS); VATS Thymectomy, Bula Excision, Wedge Resection, Lobectomy, Plorectomy, Cancer Surgery, Emphysema Surgery, Tuberculosis Surgery, Trauma Surgery, Closed and Open Treatment of Rib Fractures, Lung Puncture Pneumothorax, Volume Reduction Surgery in Lung (Volume Reduction Surgery), Mediastinoscopy, Bronchoscopy Esophagoscopy, Chest Wall Deformities (NUSS Technique) (with VATS), Diaphragmatic Surgery, Tracheal Surgery, Tracheal Stents


Marmaris Hospital
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