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Marmaris Hospital
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Uz.Dr. Tuncer Saçar

Skin Diseases (Dermatology - Dermatology) Specialist

Private Marmaris Yücelen Hospital


Surname : SAÇAR
Date of birth : 23.11.1972
Place of birth : IZMIR
Father's name: DURSUN
Mother's name: NEDRET


1997 - Ege University Faculty of Medicine (Graduation) 2003 - Celal Bayar University Faculty of Medicine (Specialization)

Areas of Expertise

Skin Diseases (Dermatology - Dermatology) Specialist

Worked  Institutions

Medical Interests

Dermatological Surgery · Dermatoscopy · Fungal diseases · Psoriasis · Eczema · Hair and nail diseases · Venereal diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhea · Skin cancers · Birthmarks · Hair loss · Drug allergies · Puberty acne · Genetically transmitted skin diseases · Healthy skin care Procedures Acne and Seborrhea Treatment · Treatment of oiliness, dandruff and pimples on the skin · Treatment of Hair Diseases and Hair Loss · Research and treatment of the causes of hair loss · Treatment of male pattern hair loss · Hair, fungal diseases and pelat treatment · Investigation of the causes of excessive hair growth · Laser epilation Treatment of Fungal Diseases · Informing patients about the diagnosis, treatment and preventive measures of trunk, groin and foot fungus disease Treatment of Nail Diseases · Treatment of fungal diseases of the nail, breakage and thickening of the nails, ingrown nails and other nail diseases Treatment of Allergic Skin Diseases Treatment of hives (urticaria) and investigation of its causes · Treatment of drug rashes · Treatment of insect stings · Treatment of "atopic eczema" in infants and children · Treatment of contact allergies (contact dermatitis) · Treatment of cosmetic allergies · Sun allergy and treatment · Treatment of Intraoral Diseases · Behçet treatment of disease, aphtha, tongue fungus and other diseases Treatment of Parasitic Diseases of the Skin · Treatment of head lice, body lice and scabies Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases · Treatment of all sexually transmitted skin diseases · Treatment of syphilis · Treatment of warts and herpes in the genital area Treatment of Skin Cancers Informing the patient about skin cancers Diagnosis and treatment of melanoma Treatment of other skin diseases Treatment of psoriasis Treatment of skin diseases during pregnancy and childhood Treatment of bullous diseases of the skin Treatment of abscess and other inflammatory diseases of the skin treatment of viral rash diseases (scarlet fever, measles, rubella, chicken pox, shingles, etc.) Skin Surgery Biopsy and removal of early stage skin tumors Removal of moles and moles Removal of warts, moles and molluscum Freezing treatment (Cryotherapy), burning (Electrocauterization) and Laser treatments Surgical treatment of nail problems Excessive Sweating Treatments Reducing excessive sweating with medical treatments Botox applications Cosmetic Dermatology Treatment of skin problems with cosmetic products Treatment of skin spots · Wrinkle treatment · Excessive sweating treatment · Wrinkle treatment with filler injections · Punch biopsy laser

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