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Youth Vaccine

What is Youth Vaccine?

Youth vaccine is one of the alternative methods applied to slow down the aging process and reduce the effects of aging. With the youth vaccine application, which you will start to see the effect of immediately without the need for surgical intervention, it is aimed to give the skin a healthy, bright and youthful appearance.

In this application (IAL System), pure hyaluronic acid penetrates the skin. With the penetration of hyaluronic acid into the skin, the skin is renewed and tightened. Thus, a healthy and lively skin is obtained.

In Which Situations Is The Youth Vaccine Applied?

Youth vaccine is applied to individuals whose skin shows signs of aging and whose skin is damaged.

It is done as a hyaluronic acid application process in the determined amount and intervals, it is applied to the problem areas.

It can also be applied as a complement to other treatments of individuals with damaged skin due to smoking, alcohol, acne, sun and solarium.

What is Hyaluronic Acid Used in Youth Vaccine?

Hyaluronic acid makes our body look vigorous, healthy and bright until a certain age. It is found in almost every part of our body, from the joints to the internal organs. Hyaluronic acid begins to decrease gradually in individuals in the 25-30 age group. This initiates the aging process. Decreased amount of hyaluronic acid in the body; it also means reduced shine, flexibility and repair.

With the youth vaccine method, it is aimed to regain the hyaluronic acid lost by the body.

To Whom Can Youth Vaccine Be Applied?

Youth vaccine is a method that can be applied to all skin types over the age of 20. The H-100 vaccine, which is frequently applied to areas such as the face, hands, neck and décolleté, is very effective in solving the problems in the areas where it is applied.

The most common and important usage area of ​​youth vaccine is anti-aging applications. The youth vaccine applied to reduce the negative effects of aging on the skin is a preventive and complementary anti-aging treatment.

How is the Youth Vaccine Applied?

There is no standard practice for youth vaccine applications. It varies according to the patient's needs and the doctor's treatment plan. The application is usually applied with 10-15 days intervals and proceeds in 2-3 sessions.

H-100 vaccine administration is a procedure performed with needles. For this reason, numbing cream is applied to the patient before the procedure.

After the cream shows its effect, the injection process is performed.

After the youth vaccine, slight redness and swelling may be seen in the application area. However, these disappear in 2-3 days.

The effect of the youth vaccine shows itself in an average of 5 days. After the application, the skin gets a lively and bright appearance.


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