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Regional Slimming (Fitmax-Pro & Ems-Max)


Regional slimming is possible by breaking down the regional fats that cannot be given despite diet and sports by non-surgical regional thinning and shrinking the adipose tissue.

For the first time, it provides fast slimming with 1.7 MHZ Ultrasonographic frequency, and it gives the most effective results in cellulite treatment and tightening thanks to its additional heads, vacuum RF and 40k ultrasound heads.

With our device, which provides regional thinning and tightening by using sound waves, it allows the removal of excess in areas such as hips, hips, legs, neck, jowl, abdomen and arms from the first session and improves the appearance of cellulite.

Fitmax-pro device, by giving high radiofrequency and infrared technology, breaks the fat tissues in the body and provides tightening and thinning in the tissue. It provides fast and effective thinning with ultrasonic sound waves.

Fitmax-pro gives the most effective results in cellulite treatment, tightening and rejuvenation processes! It is one of the effective methods especially for resistant oils.

With the vacuum Rf head application of our device, it provides you with magnificent results in the face area by melting and tightening the jowl.


• Fat breakdown

• Regional thinning

• Body shaping

• Body tightening

• Face lift, jowl melting

• Plays an active role in cellulite removal.


  • Ems-max is an alternative method for those who cannot find time for sports. Those who say they don't have time to do sports are the majority of the ems system users.

  • Ems is known as an electronic muscle stimulation system. It is an effective body tightening device for muscle building and fat burning with passive exercise.

  • In addition to the signals sent by the brain with the EMS system, much more intense stimuli are sent to the muscles from the outside. The stimuli cause muscle contraction, activating all major muscle groups as well as even the most difficult to reach muscles. With this system, the muscles can be worked much more intensely in a very short time without using any weight and without the slightest load on the joints.

  • With Ems-max, it creates 20,000 sit-ups and squats in 30 minutes. Thanks to EMS, it increases the contraction by performing a movement with the incoming current and completes the development of that muscle in a shorter time. It works 10 main muscle groups at the same time. It does not experience pain and pain, does not harm the joints, and is ideal for those who want to develop muscles.

  • Anyone who does not mind exercising can use this system.

  • In particular, people who should not be treated; those with pacemakers, pregnant women, epilepsy and cancer patients. These people should definitely not use the application. It has no side effects to a healthy individual who does not have these diseases. Since the emergence of the device is for physical therapy purposes, it is a very effective system in problems such as back pain, posture disorder, lumbar hernia, neck hernia.

  • EMS-Max;

  • • Saves time

  • • Balances the muscular system by targeting the appropriate muscle groups.

  • • It does not put weight on the joints.

  • • It helps your muscles recover and burn fat with whole body training.

  • • It improves posture as it reaches all muscle groups that are important.

  • • Provides muscle building thanks to the electrodes on the main muscle groups.


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