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PRP Application

  • PRP; (Platelet Rich Plasma) is the process of taking a small amount of blood from the person's body, then separating the plasma of the blood with a special process and giving it back to the body by injection. The obtained plasma is very rich in cells called "platelets".

  • As the age increases, the rate of cell renewal decreases and therefore the healing process of wounds and the treatment processes of diseases are prolonged. With the PRP method, rapid solutions can be provided to people by accelerating cell regeneration and thus shortening the treatment processes.

  • Platelet cells also means thrombocyte. With this method, various injuries such as tendon injuries can be treated more quickly.

  • In addition, PRP, which is also applied for skin rejuvenation, paves the way for people over a certain age to have a younger appearance by enabling the body to accelerate cell renewal. Another issue where PRP application is used is hair health.

  • PRP application, which can be used against problems such as hair deficiency or hair loss, is used quite frequently today. As Yücelen Hospitals, we continue to provide services to the whole world with our specialist physicians in this field.

  • Which parts of the body can be applied to Prp?

  • Prp is mostly applied to the face, neck and hairy area. It is also applied to other body parts such as décolleté, hands, inner thighs and arms.

  • To ensure rapid healing of the skin immediately after applications such as laser - peeling,

  • To reduce wrinkles caused by aging and photo-damage in the skin, to restore the elasticity and brightness of the skin,

  • It is applied to accelerate the healing process in chronic wounds,

  • It is applied aesthetically for purposes such as preventing hair loss.

How is PRP Treatment Done?

  • As a form of application, PRP is applied by injecting a small amount of blood taken from the person into the scalp, under the skin, into the tissue, into the tendon or in hair treatments, depending on the area to be applied as a result of a process.

  • PRP obtained from the person's own blood and platelets, which are much more than the amount that can be transported by the blood circulation, are delivered to the area to be repaired, ensuring a rapid regeneration. With the PRP application, the collagen structure in the application area is strengthened. The first step of the process is to separate the platelets and plasma from your blood. Once this is complete, the PRP is drawn into a syringe and the site is prepared for injection.

  • Various detection methods, such as ultrasound, can be used to precisely determine the area to be injected. Although it varies from time to time according to the area to be applied, it can also be applied by mixing with local anesthesia.

  • After PRP applications, the person can continue his daily life normally. It is observed that the wounds or discomfort heal faster after the application.

  • The number of sessions to complete the PRP application completely depends on the age of the person, the discomfort and the area to be applied. Generally, the treatment process is completed between 2-4 sessions, and this number may vary depending on the age and the details of the area to be treated.

  • Your body renews its plasma roughly every three days, so you should try to eat healthy during this time before treatment. Depending on the nature of the problem, PRP can be applied to several areas with small injections. For deeper injections, an anesthetic injection may be made first to make the procedure more comfortable.

  • Generally, PRP application is completed in less than an hour. Genetic, environmental, age-related, stress-related, alcohol and smoking-related factors adversely affect metabolism and slow down cell regeneration. P

  • RP causes an increase in production and a regeneration effect in the tissue to which it is applied. Platelets have restorative effects. The main purpose of PRP treatment is regeneration. Thus, a tighter and brighter skin, reduced sagging, reduced wrinkles, lighter skin spots and reduced scars are observed.


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