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Laser Hair Removal

  • Each of the laser epilation devices are systems that work at different wavelengths and are developed to meet different needs. Determining the most suitable epilation device for a person's skin type, season and hair type by experienced and expert people guarantees the best results in laser epilation.

  • In laser epilation, laser beams are absorbed by the melanin pigment, which gives color to the hairs, and the resulting heat is transmitted to the hair root. Thus, the hair roots heat up and are destroyed. The ability of the destroyed hair follicle to form new hair disappears. Laser beams that cause damage to the hair root do not cause any damage to other structures of the skin.

  • If the person who will have laser epilation has hormonal disorders, he should first complete the treatment and then have laser epilation. In the same way, if he is using a drug that increases hair growth, he must stop the drug in order for the laser epilation to give an effective result.


  • The Diode Laser System is FDA approved by the American healthcare provider. It is possible to get rid of unwanted hair both safely and comfortably, thanks to laser types specially produced for different skin types and hair structures. In diode laser epilation, the skin surface is scanned with laser beams. Its wavelength is 810 mm. Thanks to its adjustable modes, it can be applied successfully in areas with fine hair structure.

  • Since the application is carried out with ultrasound gel, the gel liquid increases the conductivity of the laser and moisturizes the skin surface; The moist skin of the skin protects the skin. With this technology, the epilation process becomes painless and comfortable.

  • It has a much higher coverage rate than traditional methods. Also known as ice laser. It is the laser method that is frequently preferred especially for the epilation of thin, unobtrusive hairs.

  • With diode laser device;

  • It easily reaches the thin and deep hair roots.

  • It is fast and effective.

  • It can be applied in summer and winter.

  • It can also be used on dark skin.


Thin, light-colored hairs sometimes cannot be removed by laser epilation.

Hair bleaching is done using a laser and the Q-Switch laser system is used in the application. As a result of the application, the color of the hairs can be lightened and shed. This device is also a laser device that is frequently used in tattoo removal treatments, in the treatment of skin spots, and in carbon peeling processes.

Feather bleaching process;

It will be a solution for your hair that you cannot find a solution with laser epilation.

Your hair does not bother you when viewed from the outside, it becomes thinner and unnoticeable.

Unlike laser epilation, it gives very good results in the summer period.

It is a procedure suitable for all skin types.

Immediately after the procedure, the hair becomes thinner and becomes lighter.

Hair bleaching, which can be safely applied to all parts of the body, especially the face area such as the chin, sideburns, mustache, can also be applied to the few hairs remaining after laser epilation.

Laser hair removal can be applied to all skin types. It can also be done safely in the summer months. Afterwards, sun protection is definitely recommended.

The hairs on which the application is made turn white immediately and their disturbing appearance disappears and the majority of them fall out within a week or two.

The tone and color of the skin is also slightly lighter.

The skin will become brighter and appear brighter.

The application causes the yellowing and reduction of the hairs as well as providing an anti-aging effect.


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