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Hair Transplant

Who and Why is Hair Transplantation Performed?

Hair loss problem, which is one of the most visited issues by our patients, can be caused by many factors such as old age, hormonal changes and genetics. The earlier the hair loss starts, the faster the baldness develops. If hair loss occurs after burns and traumas, then the surgical intervention is performed for reconstructive purposes. The causes of hair loss may include poor scalp nutrition, vitamin deficiencies and dandruff. For hair transplantation, patients should have healthy hair on the back and sides of their heads. Other factors such as hair color, degree of hardness, wavy and curly also affect the outcome of the intervention. How to do hair transplantation? In our outpatient clinic, FUE and DHI methods are used in hair transplantation. FUE does not require any stitching, so the healing process is short and there is not much scarring after surgery. It is a short-term method and takes about 6-8 hours, except for very rare exceptional cases. While performing the DHI procedure, the FUE method is used. During this process, the roots are placed in the pen and added to the hair follicles without opening the canal. Depending on the size and complexity of the surgical procedure, what you feel after surgery may change. Pain due to tension or surgery can be relieved with painkillers. Bandage use usually takes 1 day. You can wash your hair very gently two days after the surgery. Your stitches are removed between 1 week and 10 days. If you have complaints such as discharge, itching or redness during this period, you should consult a doctor. If you have chosen another hair transplant technique, this may require stitches and bleeding may occur in the transplanted or transplanted areas or in your suture line, as it increases blood flow to the scalp after strenuous activities, so you should avoid strenuous exercises for 3 weeks and sexual activity for 10 days. How does it progress after the operation? Incisions after hair transplantation usually heal quickly. During this period, controls are made at regular intervals. In many patients who have undergone hair transplantation, it is seen that their transplanted hair is shed about 6 weeks after the surgery. This is normal and will regrow 5-6 weeks after shedding. Although it varies from person to person, hair usually grows 1-2 cm every month. Each of our patients is unique, so the treatment method to be applied, the applications and controls after the treatment, and the healing process may vary. In order to achieve a more natural appearance, some surgical correction attempts may be needed after the incisions have healed.


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