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Gastric Balloon Treatment

Gastric Balloon Treatment What is Gastric Balloon Treatment? 

Gastric balloon therapy is applied to patients with a body mass index of 28-34. In this application, a balloon filled with water made of a soft silicone is placed in the patient's stomach. This balloon gives the patient a feeling of satiety. In cases where bariatric surgery cannot be performed due to excess weight, it is a procedure that can be performed to allow the patient to lose weight in a short time to be taken into surgery. At the same time, it is a very successful application as an alternative procedure for weight loss for those who are not positive about sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

How is Gastric Balloon Treatment Applied?

With the gastric balloon application, a 6-month or annual balloon is placed into the stomach by endoscopic method. With this procedure, it is to create a feeling of satiety by occupying the patient's stomach with a balloon. There are two different types of balloons. The fixed volume swallowable gastric balloon is placed in the stomach and no volumetric adjustment can be made afterwards, while the adjustable gastric balloon can be adjusted according to the patient's stomach volume. These balloons can be inflated and deflated according to their weight loss capacity and rate. Patients can lose 25-30% of their excess weight. Patients can lose an average of 10-40 kilograms. The balloon needs to be removed after about a year. Removal of the balloon is again provided by endoscopic procedure.

Who Is Not Suitable For Gastric Balloon Treatment?

Ulcer, reflux etc. If you have stomach problems, gastric balloon treatment is not suitable for you. In the first week after gastric balloon treatment, nausea, cramps, etc. complaints appear. These complaints become normal after the first two weeks. It is possible to say that the first week is a period of getting used to.

What Should Be Considered After Gastric Balloon Treatment?

In every treatment method, it is a necessity for patients to continue their diet and sports programs for life. Since each of our patients has different structures, the treatment method, post-treatment procedures and diets may change. Liquid diet is recommended for the first week after the operation. In the second week, a liquid-pure diet is given. Afterwards, the normalization process (after about three weeks) begins with a liquid-solid and standard diet gradually. Our obesity surgery specialist will be with you with diet and internal medicine support until you reach the desired weight target by making a joint decision on the procedure to be performed according to the patient's suitability with personalized endoscopic or surgical methods.


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