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Diagnosis and Treatment Methods Applied in the Department of Dermatology

 Treatment of Skin Wrinkles Wrinkles occur as a result of the wear of the roof (especially collagen), which provides the elastic structure of the skin and keeps the skin taut. Worn collagen is destroyed and the body is provided to make a new one. Unlike other laser systems, Fractional laser can go deep into the skin. This means that a thick layer can form that tightens the skin. For these reasons, this effect means a shorter recovery time compared to other systems. Excellent results are obtained with fractional laser application.

It is a non-invasive procedure used to remove age-related scars on the face, neck, chest and hands. It acts with the principle of increasing the collagen tissue production under the skin. Wrinkles are eliminated by removing a very thin layer from the top, smoothing the skin and at the same time tightening the collagen tissue with a special technique. It is observed that the skin gains freshness and tension by forming new collagen tissue and younger cells with high water-holding ability in the treated skin. Scar Treatment Wounds that go deep into the skin usually heal by leaving scars. These scars are called scars. They are very difficult to eradicate. Fractional laser has brought a new dimension to the treatment of scars after injury.

Small laser beams sent from the surface reach the lower layers of the skin, destroy the damaged connective tissue that causes scars, and initiate the formation of young and healthy tissue. With laser treatment, the scar is reduced, smoothed and its compatibility with the surrounding tissue is increased. With each session, the scars gradually decrease. Session intervals can be adjusted individually according to the problems of the skin, but it is applied as 3-8 sessions at an average of 4 weeks. Body-I Mapping Skin cancers are among the 3rd most common cancers among all body cancers. With computerized dermatoscopy and an experienced medical team, early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers can be provided. Also known as scoring. (ABCD) Allergy Tests It is used to detect allergen especially in patients with chronic eczema and urticaria. Allergy tests are performed specifically for IgE Food and respiratory panels

Dermatoscopy Dark-colored lesions on the skin are examined with a device called dermatoscopy. It is used in the diagnosis of skin cancer and skin precursors. Electrocauterization It is a device that can cut and join the skin by burning in surgical operations. In this device, electrical energy is converted into heat energy. It is a very effective device in the treatment of many diseases such as moles, calluses, ingrown nails, nail diseases, capillary vessels, cysts, especially wart treatment. Procedures with Q Switch Laser and Helios Laser devices Tattoo removal Carbon peeling Hair bleaching Fine hair epilation Pore tightening Wrinkles and fine lines Epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions Equalization of skin tone Skin rejuvenation & rejuvenation Melasma application Cherry Angioma application Ota nevus Nail fungus Active acne


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