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Brazilian Butt Lift / Brazilian Butt Lift

Demand for Brazilian Butt Lift has been increasing in recent years. Tight and wide hips are increasingly desirable among women. Especially the genetic trait that Latin American women have is now appreciated by women all over the world.

That's why the hips in this look are called the Brazilian Butt Lift. In Brazilian ButtLift aesthetics, it is usually performed with the prosthesis method and autologous fat injection. It is used to shape the butt after the excess fat in different parts of the body is removed by liposuction.

It allows to perform aesthetic procedures in another region by removing the fat that does not melt in areas such as the abdomen, hips or thighs. During this process, the person's own fat cells are used. Fat cells taken from these areas are purified and used as filling material. Which Methods Can Be Used in Brazilian Butt Lift Aesthetics? This surgery consists of two stages. The first of these is the thinning of the abdomen and waist area. In this way, both these areas are thinned and the adipose tissue taken from these areas is prepared for injection into the hip. If enough fat can be collected from the patient, these fats can be injected into the hip to provide a beautiful hip appearance.

In some patients, it is possible to obtain more prominent and rounded hips by using both adipose tissue and hip implants. In cases where the amount of fat taken from the patient is insufficient, a beautiful appearance can be achieved by using the hip prosthesis together with fat injection.

For Whom Can Brazilian Butt Lift Aesthetics Be Applied?

Any normal patient over the age of 18 can have this surgery. Due to the genetic structure of people, there is a difference in the shaping of their hips. In some people, excessive weight loss and frequent weight loss can cause hip sagging and loss of form. Brazilian butt procedures are needed to eliminate these differences. It is preferred for flat buttocks. In cases where the patient does not have enough fat, Brazilian ButtLift aesthetics is applied to enlarge the buttocks. Post-Brazilian Butt Lift and Recovery Process BBL Aesthetics is performed under general anesthesia. Post-operative pain is at a level that can be controlled with painkillers. The first night of the operation, the person should rest in the hospital. During this rest, medical treatments will be applied. After the operation, they should use a corset for a while. The wearing time of the corset may also vary depending on the patient's condition.


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