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Balloon Treatment in COPD

What is COPD?

COPD, 'Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease', which is frequently seen in people who use or are exposed to polluted air, smoky environment and tobacco products, especially starting to appear after the age of 40; It is a progressive lung disease that presents with symptoms such as cough, sputum, shortness of breath, wheezing and makes breathing difficult. What is Balloon Therapy? It is the process of cleaning and widening the trachea in patients with narrowing of the trachea and thickening of the phlegm-producing cells as a result of smoking and tobacco use.

It is observed that the lung capacity of the patients increases by at least 50% 1-2 days after the balloon treatment.

Who is Balloon Treatment Applied to in COPD?

Bronchoscopic treatment is applied in patients with narrowing of the airways and thickening of the goblet cells due to chronic bronchitis due to tobacco exposure. Although a single session is sufficient in 95 of 100 patients, this application can be easily applied to any patient who does not have a serious heart problem.

At what stage is COPD balloon treatment performed?

Balloon therapy can be applied in all stages of COPD disease (mild, moderate, severe, very severe).

How is Balloon Therapy Applied in COPD?

For this procedure, COPD balloons selected in accordance with the diameter of the bronchi are used in the respiratory tract. These balloons are inflated and deflated with adjustable pressure and frequency with the help of an electronic pump, scraping the thickened inner layer of the bronchi and bringing it back to its former thickness. With the bronchoscopic balloon treatment, which is known to be performed in several centers around the world, the lung bronchi are cleaned by scraping. These balloons, which are selected according to the diameters of the bronchi in the respiratory tract for scraping and have a scraping feature, are covered with a rigid mesh, and the goblet cell layer is brought to the foamy liquid consistency with the help of the balloon, allowing the respiratory tract to reach its original width. In the procedures performed, both the risk of lung cancer is reduced and the difficulties experienced by the patient in breathing are eliminated.

Thanks to this method, patients who are in the intensive care unit and have to live on an oxygen device for a long time can breathe without the need for an oxygen device. Things to Know About COPD Balloon Treatment With COPD balloon treatment, it is tried to restore the narrowed airways and impaired epithelial tissue of the patients. The procedure is painless and painless.

Patients can return to their daily lives the next day. At the end of the procedure, the lung functions of patients who have difficulty in breathing are at least doubled. Shortness of breath caused by exertion decreases, the need for oxygen use decreases and the quality of life increases. Solutions are produced with immediate and effective intervention without placing a foreign body in the body.


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