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Treatment Methods

Tube Stomach Surgery

A more effective method in the treatment of obesity is sleeve gastrectomy surgery. In patients with a body mass index above 35-40, 80% of the stomach is taken and the stomach is formed into a tube. It is performed laparoscopically using the closed method. Laparoscopy is inserted into the holes opened in the anterior abdominal wall without making a large incision. After the large part of the stomach is removed, the procedure is completed. Although it is a procedure with complications, it is one of the most reliable methods. ​ ​ ​ ​ Read More.

Gastric Balloon Treatment

Gastric balloon therapy is applied to patients with a body mass index of 28-34. In this application, a balloon filled with water made of a soft silicone is placed in the patient's stomach. This balloon gives the patient a feeling of satiety. In cases where bariatric surgery cannot be performed due to excess weight, it is a procedure that can be performed to allow the patient to lose weight in a short time to be taken into surgery. Also for gastric sleeve surgery... Read more.

Stomach Botox

It is provided through a device placed in the stomach without surgery. It is administered through endoscopy. Botox injections are made to certain points of the stomach by endoscopic method. Stomach botox affects the stomach muscles and keeps the feeling of hunger and appetite under control for a certain period of time. A simple doctor's examination is performed before the procedure. If the patient has serious health problems, a blood test by the doctor... ​ ​ Read more.

Gastric Bypass

If weight loss fails due to failure or various reasons after sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass surgery is performed as an alternative surgery. The process can be summarized as creating a small pouch from the stomach and connecting the newly formed pouch directly to the small intestine. The procedure is to eliminate weight problems by performing a number of operations on the stomach and small intestine to get rid of excess weight. ​ ​ Read more.

Hip and Knee Replacement

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Hip and Knee Replacement

Age, injury or various diseases can cause the hip joints to wear out. Worn hip joints cause pain when moving, walking, sitting and standing up. Movements can decrease over time. Therefore hip joint replacement surgery may be necessary.


Complaints of severe pain due to wear of the cartilage structure in the knee as age progresses, difficulty walking and climbing stairs and moving forward over time causes limitations.


If these complaints don’t go away with rest, medication and physical therapy and activities of daily living are severely restricted, total knee replacement is recommended for patients. With hip or knee replacement surgery the aim is that patients are painless, mobile and able to return to a healthy life.

How do we work?

Your personal assistant will always be by your side to provide everything you need throughout your treatment.

If you are coming from another province or country, we plan your Airport-Hotel-Hospital transfers.

During your treatment, we provide translation services in Russian, Arabic, English, German, French if needed.

Preoperative examinations will be planned by your doctor and necessary examinations will be performed by our team.

If necessary, we provide ambulance services.

After the operation, city tours and organization are organized for you by our expert team.

Why Yücelen Hospital?

Yücelen Group of Companies continues its health activities with 3 hospitals and 1 dialysis center in Muğla city center, Ortaca and Marmaris districts. Yücelen Hospitals, which has continued to provide services in the leading fields of medicine since its establishment, serves its patients in Muğla, which is close to the most important holiday centers of Turkey and has a touristic quality, and offers a holiday opportunity to its patients who come for health tourism from all over the world at the Yücelen Hotel in Akyaka. also offers. It provides service with its expert and friendly team and state-of-the-art equipment. Yücelen Group of Companies has adopted and adopted the slogan of "Respect for Human" as a philosophy of life since the day it was founded. It continues to work with the determination to provide the best service in the field of health and tourism in Muğla.


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Our certificates

Yücelen Hospitals is accredited by international independent organizations and has the International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate and ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Standard quality certificates. Yücelen Hospitals, which has a 99% satisfaction rate in all branches, is the largest Health Tourism Provider in its region. It is also an important employer with nearly 1000 employees.


Akyaka, Mugla

Located in Gökova / Akyaka, Muğla's peaceful location intertwined with nature, Yücelen Hotel promises our guests a pleasant holiday. ​ ​ A breakfast consisting of fresh and natural products is served every morning. Relaxing options such as sauna and massage in the spa center provide both physical and mental rejuvenation. For those who want to do sports, the fitness center serves all day. Yücelen Hotel is located within walking distance to the center of Akyaka.

You can also go to the beach in our hotel, which is located by the sea, and enjoy the shade of the beach umbrella or take advantage of the opportunity to lie on the sun lounger and relax. 2 outdoor swimming pools and an indoor swimming pool, we also provide the opportunity to have fun for everyone. ​ ​ In the comfortable rooms of our facility that reflect the traces of modern architecture; There are air conditioning, wireless internet in some rooms, television, satellite broadcasting, safe, hair dryer, bathroom phone and balcony depending on location. Free private parking, 24-hour reception, luggage storage and laundry are among the other facilities at our facility.

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