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Uz. Dr. Mustafa KARAGÖZ




He was born in Istanbul in 1973. He completed primary, secondary and high school in Bahçelievler, Istanbul. After graduating from Istanbul University Istanbul (Çapa) Faculty of Medicine as a Medical Doctor in 1998, he worked for a while on electrophysiology as a Research Assistant in the Physiology Department of the same faculty, and started his psychiatry assistantship at Bakırköy Mazhar Osman Psychiatric and Neurological Diseases Hospital in 2001, in 2005 with the title "Electrophysiological Parameters in Depression Patients; He became a psychiatrist by completing his thesis on "Evoked Potential (AERPs-P300) Changes in Major Depression Patients". Then he completed his military service at Van Military Hospital and his compulsory service at Iğdır State Hospital.

While he continued to follow-up and treat his patients by working as a polyclinic at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Hospice Medical Center, where he started working in 2008, he also carried out his duty by performing psychiatric examinations, follow-ups and treatments for hundreds of geriatric-elderly groups staying at the Hospice Directorate of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

His interest in psychiatry and clinical psychology began during his faculty years. During his professional life of over 20 years, he has cared for thousands of patients and gained serious knowledge and experience in psychiatric drug treatments. However, he was also intensely interested in psychotherapies. First, Prof. Dr. He completed the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy theoretical and supervision training of the Association of Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapies, where M. Hakan Türkçapar is an instructor.

Afterwards, Assoc. Dr. He completed the theoretical and individual supervision training on "Acceptance and Commitment Therapy" under the guidance of K. Fatih Yavuz and progressed by adopting this school of therapy. He continues to treat and support his patients and clients by using medication when necessary and the tools and methods of the acceptance and commitment therapy school when necessary..


Graduated from Istanbul University Istanbul (Çapa) Faculty of Medicine in 1998
Bakırköy Mazhar Osman Psychiatric and Neurological Diseases Hospital 2005

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Trainings
- Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Camp Basic Education, Assoc. Dr. Association of Contextual Sciences and Psychotherapies, where K. Fatih Yavuz is an instructor, Istanbul, May 2017
- ACT & RFT Days 1 Congress, Istanbul, November 2017
- Working Group on the Use of Metaphor in Psychotherapy, Niklas Törneke, Ankara, October 2018
- Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Working Group, Zümra Atalay, Ankara, October 2018
- Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Teens, Dr. Louise Hayes, Istanbul, November 2019
- ACT & RFT Days 2 Congress, Istanbul, November 2019
- 3rd Istanbul ACT Days, Online Congress, 29-31 October 2021
- Participated in the 'Experiential Process-Based Therapy Practice' working group (6 hours) organized online by Matthieu Villate at the 3rd Istanbul ACT Days, 29 October 2021

Areas of Expertise

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