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Op.Dr. Mert Keskinbora

Orthopedics and Traumatology




2004 - Gülhane Military Medical Academy (Graduation) 2012 - Gülhane Military Medical Academy (Specialization)

Areas of Expertise

All Orthopedic Emergencies, arthroscopic treatment of fractures, dislocations, sprains, crushes, sports injuries, meniscus tears, anterior cruciate ligament ruptures and shoulder muscle tears, medical and surgical treatment of hip and knee joint calcifications, intra-articular PRP, CFG, hyaluronic acid injections, hip replacement surgery, knee replacement surgery, foot problems such as low back pain, back pain, neck pain, muscle spasm, fibromyalgia with muscle stiffness, heel spurs, finger deformities, sole pain, pain in areas such as Achilles tendon, elbow and wrist. characterized by tendon problems

Worked  Institutions

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