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Op.Dr. Ahmet Kılıç

Thoracic Surgery




1998 - Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine (Specialization)

Areas of Expertise

BALLOON THERAPY, Videothoracoscopic Interventions (VATS) in COPD; VATS Thymectomy, Bulla Excision, Wedge Resection, Lobectomy, Plorectomy, Cancer Surgery, Emphysema Surgery, Tuberculosis Surgery, Trauma Surgery, Closed and Open Treatment of Rib Fractures, Lung Puncture Pneumothorax, Lung Volume Reduction Surgery, Mediastinoscopy, Bronchoscopy, Esophagoscopy, Chest Wall Deformities (NUSS Technique) (with VATS), Diaphragm Surgery, Trachea Surgery, Tracheal Stents

Worked  Institutions

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