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Diyetisyen Ceren Türk Balcı

Nutrition and Dietetics



He was born in Muğla in 1989. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Muğla. It started at Cyprus Near East University in 2008. He started working at Muğla Private Yücelen Hospital right after his graduation in 2013. He has been working at Private Muğla Yücelen Hospital for 10 years


Cyprus Near East University- Faculty of Health Sciences (2013)

Areas of Expertise

Healthy eating


Slimming and weight control management

Nutrition after obesity surgery

Nutrition in children and adolescence

Nutrition during pregnancy

Nutrition during breastfeeding

Medical nutrition therapy in diseases

sports nutrition

functional nutrition

Worked  Institutions

Muğla Private Yücelen Hospital (10 years)

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