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Urinary Tract Infusion

Urinary tract infection is an inflammatory reaction of the urinary system against bacterial agents.
It is named according to the region affected by the infection in the urinary system:

If the bladder is affected; Cystitis,
Kidney is affected; Pyelonephritis,
Urethra is affected; It is called Urethritis.

What Are The Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection?

Burning and pain while urinating
Bad smell in urine
Frequent urination
Discoloration or bleeding in the urine
Weakness and fatigue
Pain in the lower abdomen
If there is an infection in the kidney;
Nausea, vomiting
Urinary tract infection is more common in women. Men should also be investigated for any underlying prostate or stone disease in the presence of urinary tract infection. There is a natural susceptibility to infection in women because the external urinary tract is short.

How To Diagnose?
When signs of infection are found, it is appropriate to evaluate it together with urinalysis.
Advanced examinations such as urine culture, ultrasonography or other imaging methods and cystoscopy may be required in necessary patients.

What Are The Treatment Methods?
Antibiotics should be used in the treatment of active infections.
To reduce the frequency of these injections, precautions of;
Increasing daily fluid intake
Paying attention to genital and sexual hygiene
Paying attention to toilet cleaning
Getting enough vitamin C
Stopping the habit of holding urine
Taking the supplements containing cranberry juice or blueberry extract
can be taken.

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