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Soft Tissue and Bone Damage

Our body is a collection of cells made up of many different components. The whole of these cells consists of components such as bone, tissue, skin, fat, muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and blood vessels.

From time to time, various injuries may occur in these tissues and tendons due to external impacts or excessive strain. These components are the tissues that hold the body together, connect the organs together, and are also very sensitive. At this point, we can examine the damage to soft tissues under two main headings.

Damage caused by an external impact or sudden intervention can be described as acute soft tissue disorders.

Another headline is the wear and tear that occurs due to the excessive use of a certain area for many years and without the need for any intervention from the outside.

In both options, soft tissue damage can be corrected with aesthetic interventions.
Many activities can cause soft tissue damage to muscles, ligaments, and tendons, resulting in pain, swelling, and bruising. Soft tissue injuries are classified as follows:

Contusions (bruises)
Stress injuries
Streching and strain
Avulsions (removal of tissue in block form)
Degloving injury (peeling of the skin away like a glove)

Soft tissue damages can be seen in different ways such as an incision in the skin, bone damage due to impact, and tissue disorders observed. In addition, joint injuries due to strain can also be examined under this heading.

In addition to any tissue damage or bone damage that may be caused by acute injuries, inflammations in the joints and various disorders that may occur in muscle tissues can also be examined under this heading.

In cases of such injuries, if a surgical intervention is deemed necessary as a result of the examination of the specialist physician, the healing process can be supported by physical therapy or various drug treatments after the operation.

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