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Regional Anesthesia

The expression regional anesthesia describes the application of a regional anesthesia. There is no loss of consciousness of the patient, only a state of numbness is created in the targeted area.

It prevents transmission in the spinal cord or peripheral nerves. Shoulder-hand-arm surgery, inguinal hernia, hip knee prostheses, normal or cesarean delivery, anal region or urinary bladder surgeries can be performed under regional anesthesia method.

The hospitalizations, which are called daily admissions, and the procedures in which the patient can be discharged immediately can also be performed under regional anesthesia.

It is administered using different doses of drugs that vary from patient to patient. Physician evaluation is important in determining this.

Anesthesia is performed by taking into account important factors such as the health status, height, age, and weight of the patient.

The difference of regional anesthesia from general anesthesia is that the patient undergoing general anesthesia is immediately put to sleep during the operation. However, in regional anesthesia, the patient is awake and the conscious is open at the time of the operation, but he does not feel any pain, sedation can be performed as much as necessary.

Advantages of Regional Anesthesia Application

He/she is conscious and can express his/her complaints.

It is applied only to the area where the operation will be performed.

It does not feel pain during the procedure.

Cough and swallowing reflexes do not disappear.

The stress response of the intervention decreases.

It provides early nutrition.

The patient is mobilized in a short time.

Disadvantages of Regional Anesthesia Application

The patient may not want it.

The duration of the effect may be shorter than the duration of the intervention.
There may be insufficient analgesia.

The most commonly used regional anesthesia methods in the clinic are spinal anesthesia, epidural anesthesia , regional nerve blocks and spinoepidural (combined) anesthesia.

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