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Lip Aesthetics

Lips are the areas of the body that bleed the most and have intense nerve cell stimulation. It also has an important place in facial and smile aesthetics.

Lip aesthetic surgeries are performed to give an aesthetic appearance to the lips that have lost their structure and fullness. In lip aesthetics, the permanence of the surgical method is higher.

The shape to be given to the lips during surgery is determined to be the most suitable one for the patient's face type.

In order for the lips to gain an aesthetic appearance, the most desired procedures by people can be listed as increasing the lip volume, reducing or increasing the distance between the nose and the lip by changing the lip localization, removing the wrinkles on the lip, clarifying the lip contours, and making adjustments in the lip folds.

Lip thickening: It is one of the most frequently used methods in lip aesthetics. By increasing the lip volume, plump and thicker lips are obtained. Temporary or permanent techniques may be preferred according to the patient's request. In particular, lip fillers using hyalunoric acid fillers can be applied, as well as implants placed under the lip tissue for more permanent aesthetic applications. In addition, fat injection into the lip tissue can be applied to give a fuller lip appearance.

Lip Thinning: Some people are uncomfortable with the thick lip structure. Lips may need to be thinned. The lip tissue can be re-arranged and thinned by surgery.

Upper lip lifting: Depending on the sagging skin in the mouth area with age, it is ensured that the distance between the upper lip and the nose is reduced and it reaches a younger appearance. Lips can also be lifted by botox or surgical methods.

Removal of lip lines: In cases of wrinkling of the lip skin as a result of actions that expose the lip to contraction, fillers can be applied inside the lip to provide a more aesthetic appearance.

Regulation of lip folds and clarification of their boundaries: For a more aesthetic appearance of the lips, lip contours and folds are arranged. With botox and filling applications in or around the lips, the lips gain a more prominent and aesthetic appearance.

The Process After Lip Aesthetic Surgery
It is normal for swelling, redness and bruising to occur in the lips after surgery. This will disappear within 1-2 weeks.
During the recovery period, warm and liquid foods should be consumed through straws, excessive gestures and laughing movements should be avoided. Although it varies from patient to patient, complete recovery takes several months.

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