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Eyebrow Lift

Our eyebrows are our organs that play a very important role in facial aesthetics. Eyebrows that directly affect a person's expression also bring about a younger or older appearance. Saggy eyebrows should be or deformations that have occurred over time between the two eyebrows are eliminated with "Eyebrow Hanging" surgeries.

It can be applied together with other operations such as eyebrow lift operation, eyelid aesthetics and facelift.

As a result of the interventions, people are ensured to have a younger and more dynamic appearance.
Frequent weight gain and loss can be a factor in the loosening and sagging of the skin, and therefore in the fall of the eyebrows. It is also necessary to add previous facial paralysis and some surgeries.

Falling eyebrows dramatically change the expression of the face and gives a sad and tired appearance.
Brow lift operations can be performed alone or together with temporal lift, forehead lift and upper eyelid aesthetics (blepharoplasty).

How Is Eyebrow Hanging Surgery Performed?

Brow lift surgery can be performed with general anesthesia or sedation. In case there's a large amount of sagging and the skin needs to be removed, the classical forehead lift method is applied. In the classical method, a crown-like scar of 4-5 cm behind the hair line remains, but this scar is hidden in the scalp.

However, there will be a temporary loss of sensation for a long time when this method is applied. Brow lift can be performed with forehead lift surgery or it can be performed without touching the forehead with 2-3 cm incisions made only on the temple area.

Swelling and tenderness may be seen in the surgical area and around the eyes for 1 week. Although eyebrows are permanently hung upwards with surgical threads through eyebrow hanging surgery, it should be known that eyebrows may fall again one day due to aging and gravity.

Who Can Get the Brow Lift?

This surgery is usually applied to male and female patients who are over the age of 40 and who do not have any other health problems. The lines on the forehead are minimized with forehead lift surgery. The eyebrows sagging over the eyes are lifted and brought to where they should be and the person is given a fresh look; at the same time, some of the wrinkles near the eyes can also be eliminated to some extent.

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