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Breast Aesthetics Operations

What Is Breast Aesthetics?

Breast aesthetics is an operation in which problems such as the breast structure is not obvious according to the age, height and weight of the person, it is larger than it should be, saggy and deformed due to genetic or traumatic reasons are eliminated.

What Are the Types of Breast Aesthetics?

Breast aesthetic surgery is not only performed for the perception of beauty of the person. Breast aesthetics are applied to people who lose one or both of their breasts due to various diseases such as cancer.
Breast Augmentation
Breast Reduction
Breast Lift

What Is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery, in short, is an aesthetic application applied by women whose breasts are smaller than the desired size. Today, silicone gel-filled prosthesis (breast implant) is preferred as the gold standard in breast augmentation surgeries.
The breast silicone can be placed under the breast. It is applied under general anesthesia.
On the day of the surgery, the patient may need to stay in the hospital.
The patient can stand up the day after the surgery and return home. After a 3-4 day rest period at home, the person can return to his daily life without any problems.

What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Extremely large breasts cause back, neck, shoulder pain, shortness of breath and posture disorder in the body.
In breast reduction surgery, which is a type of breast aesthetics, these problems are eliminated by removing excess fat from the breast tissue in order for the person to have a healthier, lighter and aesthetic appearance. It also helps the person to achieve the aesthetic appearance they dream of.

After the patient is evaluated in detail by the physician, routine blood tests are performed.
The operation may take approximately 4- 4.5 hours under general anesthesia. The operation can usually be performed in reverse T-shaped incisions from the nipple to the bottom of the nipple. After the procedure, while the breast size is reduced, excess fat and skin in the breast tissue are removed, and the nipple is moved to the upper area.

There are bras designed with straps to ensure that the affected tissues are not disturbed during the healing process after breast reduction surgery, this brassiere should be worn for an average of 1 month after the procedure. While people get more positive impressions on their bodies after surgery, it is easier for them to participate in physical activities and psychological relaxation is provided.

In cases where the breast size of the person is above normal, various disorders occur due to the size of the breast. At the beginning of these disorders, there are problems such as posture disorders, pain in the waist and back area and sagging.

In addition, it is known that the bra used causes various disorders such as numbness in the arms as a result of serious pressures on the arms and various other areas caused by the size of the breast.
In such cases, breast reduction operation is performed and the ideal breast size is determined according to the body size of the person and excess tissue and skin tissue is taken.

The reshaped breast is brought to a smaller size, enabling the person to get comfortable and get rid of aesthetic concerns and situations that make his/her life difficult.
This operation, which has positive reflections on many different points from clothing preferences to social life, is frequently applied.

What Is Mastopexy (Breast Lift)?

Factors such as breastfeeding, weight gain and loss, aging and gravity cause a sagging of the female breast over time. In addition, if the skin elasticity is lost, both the shape of the chest changes and the sagging continues.

Breast lift surgeries are surgeries performed to reduce or eliminate these problems.
Breast lift operations are sometimes not sufficient to reach the normal size of the breast. If breast tissue is considered to be insufficient, the desired result can be achieved by adding a breast prosthesis during breast lift surgery.

Conversely, the large and heavy chest makes it difficult to maintain the outcome of this surgery. In this case, while the breast is being lifted, it may also be shrunk.

These operations can be performed only with an incision around the nipple, sometimes with a straight line under the breast, or a line we call reverse-T. Routine blood tests are performed on patients before surgery.
The operation takes approximately 2 hours to 4 hours under general anesthesia.

There are bras designed with straps to ensure that the affected tissues are not disturbed during the healing process after breast reduction surgery, this brassiere should be worn for an average of 1 month after the procedure.
Depending on breast sizes and various factors, there may be distortions, sagging and some aesthetic perception over time.

Breastfeeding or weight gain and loss cause breast sagging. Although this situation is the result of a very natural cycle, it can both adversely affect the life comfort of the person and cause discomfort to the person in terms of aesthetic perception. In this case, breast lift operation is activated.

The breast is redesigned in accordance with the patient's body measurements, the breast tissue is corrected, the skin is reshaped and the operation is completed. This operation can be performed alone or simultaneously with other breast operations.

This operation, which positively affects both the aesthetic perception, life comfort and psychology of the person, is in high demand and is applied.

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