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Advanced Eye Diseases

There are some eye diseases that occur depending on age. Cataract, diabetes-related eye diseases (diabetic retinopathy), glaucoma and macular degeneration are the most common of these. It is an eye disease that can be treated surgically in eye diseases and is quite common.

Cataract disease occurs as a result of the deterioration of the transparent structure of the lens in the eye. When the transparent structure deteriorates, visual defects occur. Since it is not possible to intervene and prevent/delay with medical methods, it is treated with surgical methods.
As a result of the effect of diabetes on the eye, problems such as glaucoma (eye pressure) and cataract are more common in diabetics.

Age-related eye diseases, macular degeneration (yellow spot), glaucoma, cataract and dry eye are detailed below.

Macular degeneration (yellow spot disease): It is an age-related eye disease that is usually encountered in individuals over the age of 60. Progression of age is a risk factor in the increase in the incidence of the disease. In general, heart disease increases the average risk associated with smoking. Clarify the diagnosis of the disease by performing examinations such as eye tomography and eye angiography procedures. Depending on the stages of the disease, intraocular injections or a surgical operation called vitrectomy are performed by a specialist physician.

Glaucoma: It is known as eye pressure among the people. As a result of the increase in intraocular pressure, it causes damage to the optic nerves. This disease is a chronic and non-painful eye disease. In the treatment of glaucoma, eye drops that reduce eye pressure can be given. At the same time, the course of the disease is examined by applying tests such as OCT and visual field. Some patients may require surgery depending on their condition.

Cataract: Although cataract disease is encountered in infancy and childhood, old age is an important cause of cataract formation. Various changes occur in the lens depending on age. Methods such as cataract medication, drops or glasses do not work in the treatment process. Surgery is required in the treatment of cataract disease.

Dry eye: Dry eye is one of the eye diseases that develop due to the progression of age. Stinging sensation in the eye, burning and dryness occur with old age. Dryness and other complaints increase as a result of long-term reading in air conditioning, wind and similar stimuli. In the treatment of dry eye, medical methods such as artificial tear drops and eye ointments are often sufficient.

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