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Under 40 Check-Up Program (Male)
Under 40 Check-Up Program (Female)
Over 40 Check-Up Program (Male)
Check-Up Program Over 40 (Female)
Pediatric Diseases Examination
Extended Cardiological Check-Up
Women's Health Check-Up Program
Cancer Check-Up Program (Female)
Cancer Check-Up (Male) Program
Cardiological Check-Up Program
Mini Check-Up Male
Mini Check-Up Female
Neurodegenerative and Demential Check-Up
Oncocardiological Check-Up Program (Female)
Oncocardiological Check-Up Program (Male)

Our Check-Up Packages


  • Finding and treating minor health problems as soon as possible by taking necessary precautions can prevent them from turning into bigger problems and chronic diseases in the future. A Check-up, which is one of the most effective methods of early diagnosis, is a general health screening to identify problems that may cause disease in people who have no complaints and to take precautions. 

  • Diseases that may be diagnosed in the early period are coronary artery diseases, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, anemia, cervical, prostate, large bowel cancers, etc. 


  • Diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol can damage vital organs such as the brain, heart, kidneys and eyes for years without any symptoms, and people face complications such as cerebral hemorrhage, clot formation in brain vessels, heart attack, kidney failure and dialysis, and cataract. Early diagnosis increases the chance of early treatment before complications develop and reduces mortality by reducing fatal complications. 


  • For this reason, with an annual check-up, you can discover diseases at an early stage and you have the chance to say stop to diseases before your health deteriorates. If you want to make a positive impact on your health, don't wait to get sick.


  • Check-ups save lives. Check-up services at Yücelen Hospitals are carried out with comprehensive examinations under the supervision of internal diseases, cardiology, urology, gynecology and obstetrics, medicial specialists. 


  • Personalized, flexible, age-specific, disease-specific check-up packages are provided by consultants with experience in package selection, who then make recommendations specific to the patient's problem.

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