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Atopic Dermatitis

What Is Atopic Dermatitis?

It is a chronic disease that causes inflammation, redness and irritation on the skin. Although it is more common in childhood, it is seen in all age groups. Atopic dermatitis is not contagious.

Atopic dermatitis is a long-term disease that causes excessive itching of the skin. Itching of the eczema area causes the area to become even more irritated, red, cracked, and even bleeding.

The exact cause of atopic dermatitis is not known. It is possible to say that the immune system and environmental factors are effective. Depending on the severity and location of symptoms, atopic dermatitis can affect the quality of life.

What Are The Symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis?

There are symptoms such as dry, cracked skin, itching (itching), redness, oozing and crusting, thickened skin, darkening of the skin around the eyes, sensitive skin. In infants up to two years of age, eczema manifests itself as red skin rashes.

It is usually seen in the head and face area. In childhood, from the age of two to adolescence, thickened bleeding is seen in areas such as skin, elbows and knees, neck, ankles.

How Is Atopic Dermatitis Treated?

For the treatment of eczema, the treatment process is carried out with neutral soaps, eczema shampoos, creams and ointments.

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