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Aesthetic (Restorative) Dental Treatment

What is Aesthetic (Restorative) Dental Treatment?

In order to provide an aesthetically beautiful smile, the treatment method applied is called "Restorative Dental Treatment". Restorative tooth and treatment is a branch of science that repairs losses caused by caries or other reasons apart from caries in the tooth hard tissues and contributes to recovery of the lost aesthetics and function to the patient. It gives patients an aesthetic appearance by changing the shapes and colors of the teeth.

In Which Conditions Is It Applied?

The aim of aesthetic dental treatment is to restore the patient's aesthetic and function loss. Another purpose of restorative dental treatment is to maintain the vitality of the tooth.

Deformations caused by injuries to the mouth and jaw structure can also be corrected with this treatment method. This method can be applied in the treatment of people with gum problems, individuals with permanent stain problems in their teeth, geriatrics and oncology patients. Examination findings should be evaluated when treatment is decided. Then, an appropriate treatment plan should be established.

Another area of interest for restorative dental treatment is the prevention of dental plaque and caries formation by providing patients with an accurate oral hygiene training. Dental plaque consists of microorganisms that adhere to the tooth surface, fillings and prostheses and contributes to the formation of caries. Plate formation in the tooth can be prevented with a good oral hygiene. In this case, it is important to brush teeth, use dental floss, use an interface brush and use a mouthwash.

What Are The Methods Used In Aesthetic (Restorative) Dental Treatment?

Many techniques are applied in restorative dental treatment. The restoration options are determined by the physician according to the amount of loss in the dental tissue.
Designing aesthetic smile
Direct or indirect composite applications,
Porcelain aesthetic works
Teeth whitening applications
Vital pulp therapy
Pre-prosthetic restoration application

Conservative dental treatments applied to elderly (geriatrics) and oncology patient groups
Appropriate treatment is decided in our clinic considering the age, individual problems, oral and dental examination results of the patients.

To Whom Is It Applied?

People who care about aesthetics can have restorative dental treatment. Patients of all ages are suitable for restorative dental treatment. It is more appropriate to work with a pedodontist in patient groups under the age of 14.

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